On the verge of completing my second short album entitled, “Show You”, I feel a great sense of gratitude for those who have partnered with me to make this project a reality.

Teamwork and collaboration are invaluable and exciting. Being part of a collective mission reveals so much about humanity, adventure, and fruitfulness.

Strive to be an uplifting team-player in whatever vocation you are in. 

My friend posted something last night on Facebook that I really liked. He spoke about the nature of being an introvert, and I completely identified with what he said in terms of our strengths and apparent shortcomings. “I don’t small chat well,” he said, or something like that, “but I have my passions,” meaning, you get him talking about something he is passionate about and he will talk for hours about it.

I would add this. It’s not that I am shy, or that I don’t like to talk to people. It’s that inside I have an ingrained need to listen, to observe, and to appreciate the voices, sites and sounds around me. Bolstered in me is the habit of quiet observance, a taking in of the world, like walking through a timeless museum. For what one may consider mundane, I perceive as significant, and sometimes, breathtaking.