Show You

I’ve experienced the crushing blow of seeing a post online of a friend that is going through something and realizing, I haven’t seen or spoken to this person in years. Sure, I still care for them, and sure, we all have valid reasons why life sends us on different paths and journeys, but it’s worth exploring the question, Have I done my best as a friend?

Many times, the answer is yes, and adding some strange sense of guilt isn’t necessary. But sometimes, just sometimes, we must come to terms with it: I must show love, face to face, beyond the Facebook thumbs up and hearts. I can do better extending myself, and sharing my life, with others.

Show You is my latest short album. The song entitled, “Show You” highlights the importance of loving friends and family beyond Facebook likes and emojis.

Special thanks to those who made this album possible: SamUiLL produced the tracks, Toro mixed songs “Ballin Out Here”, “Show You”, and “Can’t Forget”. Freddy G Studios (my talented father) mixed “One Step” and mastered the project. Artwork by Nicholas Gonzalez.

Show You will be on all digital platforms shortly and is available now through my website I hope you enjoy it.