Ballin Out Here

Growing up I was always underestimated when it came to my favorite sport: basketball. I remember being offended as a youngster, but I soon came to realize that being underestimated was a great advantage.

I played on a team in middle school, but my passion was streetball. I played basketball outside whenever I could, no matter the weather. I remember shoveling my friend’s driveway just to shoot some hoops and beat him one on one.

Short? Yes, but quick, and a lefty, which made it a little more difficult to figure me out. I learned to stay quiet, and to let my game speak for me.

I’m not a professor, but I taught many, many kids growing up. My lesson? You underestimate people at your own risk.

Show You is my latest short album. The song entitled, “Show You” highlights the importance of loving friends and family beyond Facebook likes and emojis.

Special thanks to those who made this album possible: SamUiLL produced the tracks, Toro mixed songs “Ballin Out Here”, “Show You”, and “Can’t Forget”. Freddy G Studios (my talented father) mixed “One Step” and mastered the project. Artwork by Nicholas Gonzalez.

Show You will be on all digital platforms shortly and is available now through my website I hope you enjoy it.



My friend posted something last night on Facebook that I really liked. He spoke about the nature of being an introvert, and I completely identified with what he said in terms of our strengths and apparent shortcomings. “I don’t small chat well,” he said, or something like that, “but I have my passions,” meaning, you get him talking about something he is passionate about and he will talk for hours about it.

I would add this. It’s not that I am shy, or that I don’t like to talk to people. It’s that inside I have an ingrained need to listen, to observe, and to appreciate the voices, sites and sounds around me. Bolstered in me is the habit of quiet observance, a taking in of the world, like walking through a timeless museum. For what one may consider mundane, I perceive as significant, and sometimes, breathtaking.