The best songs, to me, have a story. It’s always been true for me, ever since I was a little boy. Listening to a song from any genre with a story was mesmerizing.

My new four song album, Flashback, is out now officially on iTunes and Spotify. The four songs paint a story of a young man struggling to be the best he can for his family, and finding glimmers of hope that keep him grateful. I hope you take a chance and listen. If you’d like to talk about a song, let me know. If you decide to like, share, or put it on your playlist, thank you.

This song, entitled Flashback, depicts a person getting up in the morning and just not feeling it. The person doesn’t want to go to work, and is close to calling in, but something happens…

This is the first song I recorded for my upcoming EP, and I plan on naming the EP after this song. Make sure to subscribe, like, and share if you enjoy this song.