Show You

I’ve experienced the crushing blow of seeing a post online of a friend that is going through something and realizing, I haven’t seen or spoken to this person in years. Sure, I still care for them, and sure, we all have valid reasons why life sends us on different paths and journeys, but it’s worth exploring the question, Have I done my best as a friend?

Many times, the answer is yes, and adding some strange sense of guilt isn’t necessary. But sometimes, just sometimes, we must come to terms with it: I must show love, face to face, beyond the Facebook thumbs up and hearts. I can do better extending myself, and sharing my life, with others.

I often hear statements like this from listeners and I do appreciate what they are saying. Many listeners hear a genuine sense of sadness, but that sadness has been fused with a hope that transcends my own understanding at times. I find that fusion in life to be sacred, and worthy of being captured in song.